SB BM Techno Gray


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The SB BM SPC is made of Stone Plastic Composite. SB BM SPC is designed to exceed. The main component are natural limestone powder polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer which combined a very stable composite material. Bimini is ideal for every room in the house including kitchens, basement and even full bathrooms, because it is 100% waterproofs.
Why choose us for your flooring needs?

We are licensed and insured, also we bring together our high-quality flooring, expertise, and professional flooring installation to provide you with the best experience possible. Choosing a floor can be a tough decision. It’s something you have to live with daily and can really make or break the flow of the room. We want to relieve this overwhelming feeling, and find the right flooring your home and family needs!

Product Specification
Title Value
Wear Layer : 12MIL
Material Only (Installation not included) :
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