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KTX Antique Grey


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12mm laminate flooring is the thickest size of laminate flooring currently manufactured. The advantages that come with thickness in a laminate WARMTH: More material between your feet and the subfloor means less of a chill factor as you walk around sockless ,TEXTURES: Any laminate can have textures surfaces, but we can get deeper texturing with a thicker floor. SOUND: The thicker the plank, the more natural, even quieter, the sound will be as you walk over it.
Why choose us for your flooring needs?

We are licensed and insured, also we bring together our high-quality flooring, expertise, and professional flooring installation to provide you with the best experience possible. Choosing a floor can be a tough decision. It’s something you have to live with daily and can really make or break the flow of the room. We want to relieve this overwhelming feeling, and find the right flooring your home and family needs!

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Floor and Installation Package: : $2.99 SQFT
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